A Bear In My Sky


Five rhyming stories about a teddy bear and beloved child together trying to understand their new world - a rare find of a book. 

This book is meant to be read by parents and grandparents to their children.


A Bear in My Sky is simply perfect. It is so good, the adult who is reading it to a kid, will wish to be the child! Magical, enchanting, -- no superlative is too much, this bear belongs among the classic bears of children's literature, for a whole new generation of grandmas, grandpas, parents and lucky children. 

~Pat Schneider, author

A Bear in My Sky is a charming book of creative word play and reading fun. Diggaby bear confronts many of the same emotions that children face in life: embarrassment, curiosity, frustration, fear, and love. This is a classic book on friendship. A must read. 

~ Susan K. Field, author


Paula Sheller Adams

Excerpt from a bear in my sky

Diggaby Bear, my Diggaby Bear,

On Tuesday morning turned

    into a terror.

He was eating his breakfast 

    as he sat on his stool,

and I hugged him goodbye

    before leaving for school.

Then crash! went his bowl,

    and he let out a roar,

And cereal and honey went

    all over the floor.

"No! I don't want you to go!"

    it was awful, the racket,

And he howled and grabbed me

    and tore my blue jacket...

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this little space


"And we are put on earth a little space, that we may learn to bear the beams of love."

- William Blake


When you read these poems, you will become "cousin-bonded in a common fate... partners in high altitude adventure." Her work will take you through all your ages, first and lasts. She drives you through steep canyons and rocks you in lilting oceans, leaving your landscape wider and broader than when you started. Between these covers is joy! - Mary Slocum, poet, activist, writer.


Paula Sheller Adams

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